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Loan Modification

Principal Reduction Programs are now more common. To see if you qualify, contact us for a free consultation.

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San Diego Loan Modification Attorney

“We protect our clients…We don’t back down to lenders!”

Our law firm assists home owner’s in San Diego County avoid foreclosure. We stop foreclosure, negotiate on your behalf and fight for the best deal from your lender. We’re known as the “Bulldogs” because of our tenacity to fight for your rights. We have one of the highest documented success rates of any law firm in the business.

The key to our high success rate is the fact that we “Pre-Qualify” you prior to taking your case.

(Q) How do we “Pre-Qualify” someone for a loan modification?

(A) We have our own in-house underwriting staff who will review your financials and underwrite them prior to sending your paperwork to the lender. This not only shows the lender that you can meet their guidelines, but it makes it easy for them to say “Yes”, and if they still say “No”. We already have a detailed and documented case in order to make an immediate appeal.

Even if you have been denied over and over, don’t give up. Please call us today for a second opinion.

We are experts in identifying the reason you are being denied and addressing that issue with the bank. Then proposing a revised deal which is almost always immediately approved.

Once we “Pre-Qualify” a client, we have had a 98% success rate in obtaining an actual written offer from that client’s lender.

It normally only takes about 5-10 minutes asking you detailed questions by phone or in person to identify if your case is “Pre-Qualified”.

Call us today for your free consultation!

(Q) What is a Loan Modification?

(A) A loan modification can bring your loan current, significantly lower your monthly mortgage payment and in some cases reduce the principal balance to the current market value if you are currently under water. We stop foreclosure, negotiate on your behalf and ensure you get the best deal from your lender. We’re known as the “Bulldogs” because of our tenacity to fight for your rights.

Our clients who have fought to keep their home are now seeing a one in three chance of a principal reduction. However, you can’t get a principal reduction without demanding it. We fight for principal reductions and currently one in three of our current clients get some sort of principal reduction on their mortgage.

Call us today to find out if you qualify to have your mortgage reduced.

Many homeowners have tried to get a loan modification on their own but have only gotten the run around. If you’re tired of getting the run around and need someone who will fight for you, Call Vohwinkel and Associates Law Office today for a free consultation.

If you have been waiting for the government to bail you out, you could be waiting a very long time as most of the President’s loan modification and refinance programs are strictly voluntary. Lenders do not have to offer you a modification and your home could be foreclosed by the time they get around to calling you back. Don’t lose your home waiting for your lender to save your home or for the government to bail you out – let us do the work. Call Vohwinkel and Associates Law Office now and we will fight for you as well as protect your home from foreclosure while you are in the process.

Vohwinkel and Associates Law Office will aggressively negotiate to get you the best loan modification possible and we may be able to file a lawsuit to enforce your rights if the lender fails to give you the loan modification you deserve.

Please change to: Our law firm specializes in saving homes and keeping our clients and families together. Since 2008 we have helped over 2000 homeowners save their home from foreclosure. We will review your loan documents and look for any violations of the Truth-In-Lending Act and other federal and state laws that may be used as leverage to obtain a loan modification from your lender.

Do not wait to go into default and lose your home. If you believe you were the victim of a predatory lender, we can use that as leverage to obtain a loan modification. Please contact our office now for a free, no-obligation, loan modification consultation.

New 2017 Home Loan Modifiation Programs

Contact Us Today to find out if you qualify.

  • Have you been told you do not qualify for a home loan modification in the past?
  • Have you received a loan modification in the past that only lowered your payment by a few hundred dollars or less?
  • Is your modified payment about to adjust from 2% to 3%, and then even higher?
  • Was your Principal Balance increased on your last home loan modification?
  • Has your income decreased or have you suffered a “New” hardship?
  • Are you struggling with your current mortgage payment even after it had been modified?
  • • Do you believe your payment should be lower than it was modified to in a past modification?

There are “New 2017 Home Loan Modification Programs” available for you to take advantage of if you answered yes to any of the questions above.

Contact us today to set up a free consultation to find out if the “New 2017 Home Loan Modification Programs” can help you re-negotiate your mortgage and save your home

Second Loan Modifications

Second Loan Modifications are now being offered by lenders and they are better than the first one! Have you already received a loan modification in the past?

We have negotiated second loan modifications with much better results than the first modification. We will protect your home from foreclosure while fighting for a lower payment and/or principal reduction. If you have had only one modification and it has been at least 6 months since your last modification, most likely there is a new program you can now take advantage of to lower your payment further and possibly lower your principal balance. Our underwriting staff is fully trained in President Obama’s “Making Home Affordable Plan” as well as all current guidelines of every major bank and home loan servicer. Contact our law office today for a free consultation so we can show you what you could receive by negotiating a second loan modification.